The Cardiac Athletes World Records Leader Boards are for …

1) Medically Cleared

Any heart patient who has been medically cleared by their Cardiologist or Medical Specialist or Physician to once again take part in their favourite competitive athletic or sports events.

2) All Heart Conditions

No assumptions or restrictions are made as to the limitations of any one heart condition. It is up to the individual to follow current recommended guidelines for their heart condition(s) and the expert advice of their Heart Doctor. Please tick all heart conditions that apply to you in the selection menus. Not all of these might display in the leader boards so be sure to prioritise and choose the most important and most recent of these.

3) All Ages

No age restrictions are presently in force for these leader boards.

4) Males and Females

It might be that both male and female sporting results are recorded together in some leader boards until member numbers increase and if it is then deemed necessary to separate out female from male achievements. You decide.

5) All Groups

It does not matter if you belong to another online community heart group or local area sports club. There are no 'loyalty issues' here. These World Leader Boards, although designed by Cardiac Athletes, they are for everyone to record their achievements on. There is even a column for you to name the club or group you are proud to be part of and I urge you to fill this in and raise the global profile of your group or club in the process.

6) All Races

Sadly minority ethnic groups are still under represented in cardiac rehabilitation programs. I would love to see a great mix of races and country flags on these leader boards. The only limitation here at this present time is the use of the English language. Maybe other language versions will be possible soon ?

7) All Sports

I want to record all heart patient sporting achievements here be they athletic, ball games, winter snow sports, water sports, one legged, two legged, three legged or wheeled. If your sport isn't listed on these leader boards then please contact me and I will add it so you can then start to boast to the world what you have just gone and surprised the medical establishment with.

8) Honest Types

Ha ha. Yes. It had to be said. We all get a bit heated and carried away when comparing our sports and athletic achievements because we are so passionate about them and the effort we have exerted and sometimes we … err … 'elaborate' shall we say … so there will be a means for you to "Verify" your sporting achievement and this will be then displayed against your leader board entry. Try to be honest and strict with yourself when entering this data.

9) A Global Audience

I am stating this because I want you to consider the information you are about to share with the rest of the world. I will otherwise take it that the information you provide and the way you present it as your authority to reproduce it within the WORLD RECORDS page on our main website. Some people have no reason to worry about posting their actual name and photo against their Leader Board entry but another person has a very good and valid reason to ensure their anonymity, be it family, health insurance or career related or other. You can choose to do either. It's your personal choice and right. You decide. You can use your full name, just your first or second name, your initials, or create a 'nickname' or online name for your account and this will appear with your leader board entry. No one will have access to your actual address but your represented home country will be displayed. I would like your heart conditions to be displayed though against your sporting and athletic achievements … after all this is the main purpose of such unusual and unique leader boards as these. To be able to compare and contrast and discuss.

10) The Living and the Deceased

Rather an unusual statement to make but it will happen. In the hopefully unlikely event of your passing you can have your sports results removed from these Leader Boards if you so wish. I would only need to have an email requesting this from a relative or loved one and I would do this swiftly. Or you may be happy to have your achievement recorded for prosperity ?

Now that's enough serious stuff … let's get back to the fun …

Click on the 'button' to create an account and start entering all your sports and athletic achievements. Thanks for joining. Lars, CA CEO.

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