Are you a heart patient who has returned to exercise?

Are you a champion of champions ? How do you compare against your heart athlete peers around the world ? Are certain heart medicines, heart valve replacements or electronic pacemakers better than others in certain sports ? Who knows ?

I wanted to create a leader board and database such as this way back when I first created Cardiac Athletes in the late 1990’s. Finally we have it thanks to ‘Mebsites’. The reasons for me creating this are many and varied but upper most it will be fun to record and compare your achievements. No-one has been bothered up until now. No one seems to care or be interested. We care though don’t we and we shall astound the world with just what ‘heart patients’ can do post treatment or post surgery. So start logging all your sporting and athletic achievements here and feel a deep pride that these accomplishments are finally being recorded historically. Get involved right now. Click on the “Read First” tab above and then create an account and log in. It’s all free. “ Go for it ! “

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